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 Engine ignition system



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We are manufacturers and exporters of electric and electronic components,  for first equpment and aftermarket sector, for cars, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, agricultural and industrial engines, all equipments and models.


The company was founded as goldsmith's and "platinum contacts factory" by Mr.Vittorio Fodone in 1900.

In 1960 the nephew Mr.Enrico Fodone developed the industrial activity. The manufacturing of contact point sets "platinum contacts" for all the most important italian and foreign brands and models is still going on nowadays.

In 1980  the manufacturing of condensers was added.

In 1992 the company started with the marketing of all other traditional and electronic ignition components and the production of some electronic products has been designed.
In 2000 the certification of quality was obtained.

In 2012 the "Historical Italian Company" Chamber of Commerce award was obtained.

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